About Us

With food and beverage themed tours we focus on the small, local (and usually hole-in-the-wall) spots that you never would've noticed on your own.  Our local guides will introduce you to local shop owners, bakers, brewers, and more as we show you the places where we like to hang out.  Big bus tours might cover a lot of ground, but you're missing so much in between!  The best way to experience Washington DC is wandering around its many diverse neighborhoods, and with small groups, you'll feel more like you're hanging out with friends rather than a big tour being herded around.  Already live in DC?  Take a tour & learn about a new neighborhood, or find amazing drinking spots near your place that you never knew existed.  Or impress your friends with amazing brunch spots, or great beer bars (trust us, we know some cool spots).

We believe that local travel should truly benefit the local community.  Too often when people travel they stick to things that are comfortable, like chain restaurants or shops that they recognize.  That's why we promote all small businesses that support other local businesses and suppliers.

Whether you're a foodie, a craft beer fan, history buff, or just really love hanging out in DC, we've got the tour for you.