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How To Celebrate Cherry Blossom Season In Washington DC

Springtime typically conjures up thoughts of warm weather and birds chirping, but for those who live in Washington DC, one can’t help but think of the annual celebration of the famed cherry blossoms. Since 1912, the cherry blossoms have represented a long-standing friendship between the United States and Japan and have attracted millions of visitors from around the world to bask in their short-lived beauty. Here are some ways to catch the cherry blossom fever if you happen to find yourself in Washington DC in March or April:

1. Have A Snack

Every spring, various local food establishments will release an item on their menu for a limited time to celebrate the arrival cherry blossoms. If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll enjoy the Cherry Blossom cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake, the Cherry Blossom pop tarts from Ted’s Bulletin, or the Cherry Blossom donuts from District Doughnut. Yum!

2. Cheers To Spring

For those of you who are over 21 years old, the Cherry Blossom Pop-up Bar is officially open for business! Located on 1843 7th Street NW, this seasonal bar offers a cherry blossom themed atmosphere and fun cocktails inspired by the bloom. The bar opens at 5pm daily, but lines get long pretty quick so we suggest you arrive earlier rather than later! If you want to enjoy a cherry blossom themed beverage in the comfort of your accommodations, pick up a 6 pack of National Cherry Blossom Festivale Farmhouse Cherry Ale (brewed in Virginia) or Berliner Weisse Tart Cherry Beer. You can find both of these at Craft Beer Cellar on H Street near Union Station.

3. See An Art Exhibit

One of DC’s more unique places to view art exhibits, Artechouse has an immersive cherry blossom themed exhibit from March 20th to May 27th, appropriately named “In Peak Bloom”. This digital exhibit reminds its viewers of the fleeting brevity of the cherry blossom and the ephemeral nature it represents. There is a $20 entry fee, but is well worth it, as Artechouse only exists in three cities in the country.

4. Go on a Tour

In the event that your visit to DC lines up with the peak bloom period of the cherry blossoms, consider joining a cherry blossom walking tour with us! On your tour, your guide will take you around the tidal basin, giving you ample opportunities for amazing photos during golden hour, while learning about the history of cherry blossoms in Washington DC along the way. You’ll even get to participate in the Japanese tradition of Hanami, which is the act of picnicking under a cherry blossom tree. This seasonal tour will only be running in March and April so be sure to book before it’s too late! 

5. Attend the Local Festival Events

Every year, the National Cherry Blossom Festival team plans amazing events throughout the city. Feeling whimsical? Come and fly a kite at the Washington Monument on Saturday, March 30th. Want to be surrounded by incredible performers and community cheer? Experience the annual cherry blossom parade on Saturday, April 13th, led by this year’s honorary grand marshal Anthony Anderson, star of ABC’s hit show Blackish. For more information on all of the events planned by the National Cherry Blossom Festival, check out their website. Look out for our Urban Adventures Electric Roadsters, as we shuttle performers, including Miss America Nina Franklin, behind the scenes!


Author: Annifreed Sinjour

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