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Urban Adventurers: Volume 4

A look into the life and times of Urban Adventures’ Guides

Camilla, Venice

World Traveler and Proud Urban Adventures Tour Guide

Camilla was born in Venice (Yes, Venice Venice, not nearby!) where she lived most of her life, until she was 21. After her 21st birthday, she started to travel around Europe for her studies. Camilla has always loved to live abroad and to get in touch with different cultures, languages, and costumes. She learned so much from her travels that she decided to work in the travel industry, as a guide, which gives her the opportunity, everyday, to meet and know people from all over the world… in her hometown!

We had the pleasure of speaking with Camilla to ask her 10 Questions for all of you to get to know her better! Read on to learn more about this Urban Adventurer!

1. What attracted you to Urban Adventures?

Working for Urban Adventures is a challenge everyday. What I love about it is the international connection we have among our “UA family.” We are always in contact and there are many possibilities to grow within the company.

2. What excites you about guiding?

What I like about guiding is the amount of people you can meet and keep contact with everyday. I always get surprised and amazed when I hear that going to Venice has always been the dream trip for most of them… makes me proud from where I come from! Moreover, as a guide I have the responsibility to change and help the way the people look at your city and I try my best to transmit the love for my city and the respect for it.

3. What tours do you give?

In Venice we run different types of tours. The Cicchetti and Wine Tour is the most popular one. The Sweet Taste of Venice, which is a “sweet taste” of all the best patisserie of the city is incredible! What I like a lot is our Canal and Aperitivo, which is an hour and a half private taxi tour around all the canals of the city while sipping a nice Prosecco and eating some cicchetti. We get many proposals on this tour!

4. What’s one thing you wish you knew you before you started guiding?

I wish someone told me before that when a clients wants milk, it is not a normal cup of milk, it’s a caffe latte! When you are in Italy be careful to specify the “caffè” part, because “latte” just means “milk.” Many tourists order a “latte” and are shocked when they’re presented with a steaming mug of white milk, much to the confusion of everyone involved!

5. Best trait for a good tour guide?

Personally, I think that the main traits are to be empathic, patient, and open-minded.

6. Where would you take people that is not on an Urban Adventures experience?

I would love to take people inside certain incredible private venetian palaces, but they only open for very few occasions. Unfortunately, most of the time they are closed, so it is very hard to have the chance to sneak inside!

7. What is an underrated neighborhood or site in Venice?

An underrated area of Venice is the island of Giudecca. It is a very residential area of the city, yet it can be quite difficult to reach since the only way is by boat. In the last few years, many University students have moved there since the rent price are less expensive than to those in the center of Venice.

8. What is a good day trip for those visiting Venice?

A good day trip is definitely going to visit the medieval city of Treviso, which is only 30 minutes by train from Venice. Treviso is the capital of Tiramisù and the Prosecco! We do run a tour in Treviso (Treviso Gourmet Discovery) where we explore the Veneto countryside and taste some of the region’s most interesting local wines.

9. What song instantly make you happy?

La Foule – Edith Piaf

10. What meal do you crave if you haven’t been home in a while?

My favourite meal is Baccalà Mantecato with polenta (dried codfish). This is the typical venetian dish and it is just amazing! You need to try it if you are in Venice.

To keep up with Camilla and her adventures, follow Venice Urban Adventures on Instagram!



Created by: Shawn Sullivan
Edited by: Guergana Stoytcheva

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